Images with borders

The next piece of code creates a border around an image using the `rect(x,y,w,h,style)` method. The `rect` method draws a rectangle given top, left coordinate, its width and height and style. In this example we won’t declare the style to leave the rectangle empty (without fill color).

The colors are set using the `set_draw_color(rgb_triplet)` method.

The images were obtained from the `matplotlib` 1.2.1 gallery.

# Import FPDF class
from fpdf import FPDF

# Create instance of FPDF class
# Letter size paper, use inches as unit of measure
pdf=FPDF(format='letter', unit='in')

# Add new page. Without this you cannot create the document.

# Remember to always put one of these at least once.
th = pdf.font_size

# Store image width in inches (same unit as page)
widths = [1.0, 3.5, 5.5]

# list of colors
colors = [(0,0,0),(255,0,0),(255,165,0)]

# list of images
images = ['animation_demo.png','fill_demo1.png','mri_with_eeg.png']

for img_num, image in enumerate(images):

    top_image = pdf.y
    pdf.image(image, w=widths[img_num])
    # Set line color
    # Draw empty (style = '') rectangle around the image.
    pdf.rect(pdf.x, top_image, w=widths[img_num], h= pdf.y - top_image)



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